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21 October 2015

Newly-qualified BOX Instructors in Northampton

Congratulations to our latest contingent of BOX Instructors, which qualified to deliver Olympic-style boxing for fitness, following a course in Northampton.

Daniel Allen of England Boxing, who ran the course, said: ‘The group was enthusiastic and seemed to really enjoy the day. The BOX Instructor course enables delegates to deliver boxing techniques in a fun and engaging way, so it’s important that they enjoy what they are learning.

‘Everyone passed the course and I’m confident in their ability to go out there and deliver the workout.’

Delegate Paul said: ‘The course was spot on. Dan’s delivery was good and I feel a lot more comfortable leading the sessions at university.’

Frank, who was also on the course, said: ‘It was fantastic; dynamic and engaging and it was a pleasure to be in the gym.

‘I'm passionate about the people in my city and I plan to take sports to young children in Stoke-on-Trent and give them the opportunity to try different events as an introduction for maybe 6-8 weeks at a time before passing them on to clubs that specialise in the relevant discipline.’

Over 500 individuals have qualified as BOX Instructors since the course launched, with BOX workouts now taking place in fitness centres, boxing clubs, schools and community groups all over England.

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“BOX is a brilliant workout that gets every muscle in your body working. I'm the fittest I've ever been since I started weekly sessions.”

Chloe, BOX participant